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Textual Feature Appearance
Overwritten brown with strikethrough
Added inline purple with double underline
Uncertain gray with wavy underline
Supplied from another source turquoise with brackets
Metamark green with triple underline
Long deletion gray background with top and bottom border
  [ begin leaf 1 recto ]20051105_0607.jpg   [ begin leaf 1 verso ]20051105_0606.jpg
  • 9th av. cor 24th st Dan Van Valkenb[torn away]
  • Lot on Lawton st. near 
      Division av Dan Van Valkenb[torn away]
  • W. McCormick 105 Byard st.
  • S. Wallin 8 LeRoy Place Bleeker St
  • Silas Ludlan
  • Youmans 63 2d. av.
  • F. Bellew 70 West 27th St
  • Empire House— Pennsylvania av between 
      3d and 4th street
  • Mrs. Harrison's Pennsylvania
  •   [ begin leaf 2 recto ]20051105_0605.jpg
  • Patrick Fleming, Jackson Hall Alley 
     & Pennsylvania av f[illegible] Charles Drummond
  • Dr. Smith 140 York st cor Charles
  • Mrs. Tyndale Germantown cor Main and 
      High sts.—
  • Mrs. Chilton 69 Verick st.
  • Phebe Ann 
      Wood 348 Grove
  • Mr. T. C. Leland, 77 Duane st.
  • Mrs. Walton 107 C[illegible]Dean corner 
  • John W. Usher Cor. Pensylvania av. & 14th st. City Lunch
  [ begin leaf 2 verso ]20051105_0604.jpg   [ begin leaf 3 recto ]20051105_0603.jpg

N.Y. Express, Oct. 21, 1856

"But for the American party, the Northern, sectional, geographical party of Wm H. Seward & Co. would, under Fremont, have swept the whole Northern country."

  [ begin leaf 3 verso ]20051105_0602.jpg   [ begin leaf 4 recto ]20051105_0601.jpg


Proem of all

These are the candid 
  open-shown thoughts 
  of me, and of all 
  my body & soul
Lo, the amp free open amplitude 
  over and over 
Lo the round globe, tumbling Lo, friendly persons advancing, 
  tall, muscular, ^friendly with 
  sufficient hands and feet,
Lo—the great women of upon of the world 
  the New Worldand the lo 
  how they precede the beard-faced masters 
  of upon the world,
[torn away]
  [ begin leaf 4 verso ]loc_bb.00030_large.jpg   [ begin leaf 5 recto ]20051105_0600.jpg
Lo Shall [illegible]speak in the Presidents 
  Message from the porch 
  of the ^Federal Capitol, and in 
  the Governors' Messages 
  from the State Capitols, 
  and in the rulings of 
  the Judges of the 
  Supreme Court,
  [ begin leaf 5 verso ]20051105_0599.jpg   [ begin leaf 6 recto ]20051105_0598.jpg

Commencement of Discourse


Life is very great but theere f is something greater than life, absorbing life, namely Death.—When as we are in the midst of affairs, going to dinner, &c, we receive the news of the sudden death of — —over

  [ begin leaf 6 verso ]20051105_0597.jpg   [ begin leaf 7 recto ]20051105_0596.jpg


^Preface of Endless Announcements

Toward the perfect woman 
  of The America
Toward the perfect man 
  of America
Toward the President 
  of These States, and 
  the members of 
  the Congress of These 
Proem Preface of Endless 

After all is said, it remains to be said, This too is great in its reference to death

  [ begin leaf 7 verso ]loc_bb.00029.jpg   [ begin leaf 8 recto ]20051105_0595.jpg

Poem of Remorse

I now look back to the 
  times when I thought 
  others—slaves? —the ignorant?  
  —so much inferior to my self
To have so much less right 
  than myself
  [ begin leaf 8 verso ]20051105_0594.jpg   [ begin leaf 9 recto ]20051105_0593.jpg
O you round Earth, 
Savage and strong, Free, luxuriant, im[no handwritten text supplied here], 
  I, from Mannahatta 
  speak up for The States.
O my body, that gives 
  me identity!
O my organs!all and each, ^every one O that 
  which makes manhood!
A Savage and luxuriant strong Primal Am Free, luxuriant, f 
  in [no handwritten text supplied here] I, come, 
  an Amer 
  from Mannahatta 
  stand in the midst 
  of The States 
  speak up for you and 
  for These States.— 
  [ begin leaf 9 verso ]loc_bb.00028.jpg
(Simply Endless Announcements nothing more 
  [ begin leaf 10 recto ]loc_bb.00027.jpg

Words of America

Free and severe words, 
  the master's words
The mother's, father's, 
  husband's, wife's, 
  son's daughter's, words,

The Proem must have throughout a strong saturation of America, The West, the Geography, the representative American man.

  [ begin leaf 10 verso ]20051105_0592.jpg
All that you do g gain 
  dissipates away
But all that you 
  do to your body, 
  mind, morals, lasts 
  in this sphere and 
  in other spheres
  [ begin leaf 11 recto ]20051105_0591.jpg
Shall grow in the manly 
  muscle of men and 
  in the greatness of 
  perfect women
I do not say that life 
  is not beautiful,
But I say that whatever 
  it is, it all tends to 
  dr[cut away] the beauty of death.
[cut away]
To you, endless endless announcements To You whoever you are, I 
  kiss you with lips of 
  ^real love ^personal
  [ begin leaf 11 verso ]20051105_0590.jpg


(last verse ? To you, endless announcements! ? To America Whoever you are, For your sake, these * Free, ^fresh and savage, strong, Cheerful Fluent, luxuriant, 
  fluent, self-composed— 
  [cut away] [cut away]persons 
  [cut away] 
  [cut away] 
  I was born fond 
  of the sea-beach,
In ^In the streets of Mannahatta's I streets walk,ing 
  and sound thence 
  ^I sound the strong ^I make poems 
  of ^for The States.
In Mannahatta's streets walking 
  I make poems for The States.
  [ begin leaf 12 recto ]20051105_0589.jpg
* Free, savage, strong, Cheerful, luxuriant, fluent, 
  self-sufficient composed— fond of 
  my friends, fond of women and children
Fond of fish-shaped Paumanok 
  Paumanok, where I 
  was born—fond of 
  the sea-beach,
From Mannahatta I send 
  the poems of The States.
  [ begin leaf 12 verso ]20051105_0588.jpg   [ begin leaf 13 recto ]20051105_0587.jpg
O intersecttwined lands! O land of athe future! This Ahold of hands These I interhanded Washington's land copious land The interhanded sStates O my the lands! The O ^copious the embracing, interhanded, ^the many-armed, the 
  knit together, the 
  passionate lovers, the 
  fused ones and clasped, the equal 
  womb-offspring, the 
  old and young brothers, 
  the equal world side by side, the 
  experienced sisters 
  and the inexperienced 
  sisters, the equal ones, 
  the womb-offspring, the 
  well-attached the 
  beloved of ages! and of ages! ages! 
  ages, the inextricable, 
  the river-tied and the 
  [ begin leaf 13 verso ]20051105_0586.jpg   [ begin leaf 14 recto ]20051105_0585.jpg
[torn away] breezed, the Arc[cut away] 
  braced, the sea-bosomed, 
  the Mississippi-drained, 
  the fresh-breezed, the 
  ample-land, the wonderful, 
  the welcome, the inseparable 
O dear lands! O death! 
  O I will not desert 
  you by death be 
  death be divested discharged severed 
  from you by death
O I do not care! cannot be severed! I 
  will yet visit you still 
  yet with irrepressible love, 
O I will visi come 
  silently and invisibly
Again the
  [ begin leaf 14 verso ]20051105_0584.jpg
[cut away] This then is life, This This Here is what has been come arrived upon the earth, out of then is the earth, 
  and what has arrived 
so many throes 
  and convulsions.—
How curious! How real! Underfoot, the divine soil— 
  Overhead, the sun.—
Afford foothold to my poems, 
Nourish my poems, Earth, and give 
  them roots, you earth, 
  for they are your 
Bedew them, dews, you 
  spring and summer^dews——shelter
  [ begin leaf 15 recto ]20051105_0583.jpg
Philip Holmes Adirondacks —to Troy—then in the 
  cars to Moreau—then 
  by stage to Glen's Falls— 
 then by stage to Lake George 
 —then to Scroon lake—
I will visit the Texan 
The wal jaunt over the 
  prairies as welcome as 
The banks of the long sail voyage the 
  Missouri up the 
Shine upon them, sun, for they
  [ begin leaf 15 verso ]20051105_0582.jpg
them; winter snows, for 
  they are would make you
Help Favor them, to yo all you 
  laws of materials, and 
  all ponderable things 
  all of vulgar and rejected 
  things, for they would 
  make you illustrious 
You mothers You young women, for 
  they p ^would announce you 
  as just ^forever as capable 
  and eminent as 
  the young men
  [ begin leaf 16 recto ]20051105_0581.jpg
The ^p man or woman of Texans, the Lousianian 
  the Flori[illegible]dian, the Georgian 
  the Carolinian, the Mississippian 
  the Arkansian, the Californian 
  as much my friend as 
  ever, and I his friend 
  ^or her friend as much as ever,
Oregon as much mine as 
^you Mannahatta! Mannahatta! 
  Mannahatta! still close, 
  as ever! O close! close to me!
O The man of Ohioan and woman of Ohio as close real 
  to me as ever
The Kentuckian my for me and I for him as much as ever Wisconsin, Iowa 
  Michigan, Illinois, 
  Indiana, Missouri, 
  Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, 
  ^Minnesota! for me a as much as ever the same and I 
  for them as much the same as 
  [ begin leaf 16 verso ]20051105_0580.jpg
You old man and old woman; 
  for they know see would show that 
  you are no less 
  admirable, than any
You sexual organs and 
  acts, for they behold are determined to tell 
  you with glad 
  courageous loud 
  voice, to make 
  you illustrious,
  [ begin leaf 17 recto ]20051105_0579.jpg
The Tennessee-man and 
  the Tennessee-woman 
 the same as ever to me no less to me than ever )
Pennsylvania, New-Jersey, 
  Delaware, Maryland, 
  Virginia, yet travelled 
  by me,
The Maine, New-Hampshire, 
  Vermont, Massachusetts, 
  Connecticut, Rhode Island, 
  New York, yet dwelt 
  in by me,
Huron, Erie Mic Ontario, Erie, Huron, 
  Michigan, Superior, 
  yet sailed upon 
  by me
[cut away]
  [ begin leaf 17 verso ]20051105_0578.jpg   [ begin leaf 18 recto ]20051105_0577.jpg
To you endless an To you, these, to 
  report nature, man, 
  politics, [no handwritten text supplied here] from 
  an American 
  point of view. 
  [ begin leaf 18 verso ]loc_bb.00031_large.jpg   [ begin leaf 19 recto ]20051105_0553.jpg
These are the words of the 
  [ begin leaf 19 verso ]20051105_0554.jpg
These shall live abide, Shall grow in Shall walk in the streets 
Shall climb the Alleghenie[cut away] 
[cut away]
  [ begin leaf 20 recto ]20051105_0576.jpg
As long as the earth 
  is brown and 
Free, savage, strong Cheerful, luxuriant, fluent, self-sufficient, Out from Y fond of the sea-beach, from fond 
  of slender Paumanok where I was 
From Manhattan ^fond of the sea-beach Island I 
  send the poems of the States.
  [ begin leaf 20 verso ]20051105_0575.jpg   [ begin leaf 21 recto ]20051105_0569.jpg
Listen to me, Out from Paumanok, where 
  I was born, and I recite
All is in yourself, The All things, all thoughts, Things, thoughts, the stately 
  shows of the world, 
  the suns and moons, 
  the landscape, summer 
  and winter, the 
  poems, endearments,
Free, Savage, and strong, Primal, ^arrogant coarse luxuriant, coarse, and 
  combative, fluent self-sufficient,
A O From Out of from Manhattan Island 
  I makesend the poems 
  of The States,
  [ begin leaf 21 verso ]20051105_0570.jpg   [ begin leaf 22 recto ]20051105_0567.jpg
Fille'd fill'd with such wonders Over-head, how the splendid the sun! Under-foot, how the O divine soil, Under-foot, O divine soil! Overhead, O * How curious!—How real! Under-foot, the divine soil! Overhead, the sun! How curious How curious I myself! Me,
  [ begin leaf 22 verso ]20051105_0568.jpg   [ begin leaf 23 recto ]20051105_0550.jpg
I understand you, you 
  bards of other ages and lands
I understand you,bear you in mind, you 
  ancestors of men.—
  [ begin leaf 23 verso ]20051105_0549.jpg
How curious is the brown 
  wo real earth!
How curious, how 
  spiritual is the water


On the one side pledged 
  to — — —
On the other side to 
  — — —
—On the one side— — — 
  [ begin leaf 24 recto ]20051105_0566.jpg   [ begin leaf 24 verso ]20051105_0565.jpg
Lo! the ships sailing! Lo, the the interminable intersecting 
  streets in cities, full 
  of living people, coming 
  and going!
Lo, where iron and steam 
  so grand, so welcome!
Lo, th
  [ begin leaf 25 recto ]20051105_0574.jpg   [ begin leaf 25 verso ]20051105_0573.jpg

Forever and Thy soul!

To cons Forever and forever, as long longer 
  as the than soilground is brown and solid, as longer 
  as than water ebbs and 
They gi shall duly give place, ^in a few ^their order of millions of years— but 
  you O my soul shall never 
  give place!
*Life,—how curious! how real Space, ^and time, filled with such 
  easy wonders!
To walk, to breathe, how delicious The daylig day; these the 
  curious; divine, 
  animals, identity, 
Underfoot, the divine 
Overhead, the sun.
  [ begin leaf 26 recto ]20051105_0564.jpg
[torn away] 
  to ^shall ought to deserves receive more than 
  you, and never can deserve 
I do not forget fail to 
  salute you with my hand and neck, you 
  poets of all ages 
  and lands,
I do not forget to bless 
  any one of you, you fallen 
  nations, to bless you— —nor any 
  one of you, you 
  ancestors of men
  [ begin leaf 26 verso ]20051105_0563.jpg
How real is the ground! 
  Come let us p set 
  our feet upon the 
How perfect and beautiful 
  are the animals!
How vas How much room, and 
  splendor! How inevitable 
  How vast and spacious!
  [ begin leaf 27 recto ]20051105_0562.jpg
[torn away] 
 my ancestors , of man
Nor you, you you the 
  old poets
I do not forget to salute 
  you, you old you poets, 
  of all times ages and 
  [ begin leaf 27 verso ]20051105_0561.jpg
Do you not know that 
  the your soul has brothers 
  and sisters, just as 
  much as the your body 
  [ begin leaf 28 recto ]20051105_0560.jpg
This then, is life, and 
  This the earth,—
How curious! How real. Underfoot the divine soil,— Ooverhead, the sun Surround? these my poems, you 
  east and west, for 
  they are for you
And you north and 
  south, for they are 
  for you, 
Imbue them, nights, for 
  they are (of you, and) 
  for you,
And you, days, for they 
  are for you.—
  [ begin leaf 28 verso ]20051105_0558.jpg
Great ideas dominate 
  over all—
What has Shakespeare 
  done to England?
Not — — not — — — 
  are of any account 
  compared to the 
  few men of great 
Even One great idea vitalizes 
  a nation
—Men of great ideas
  [ begin leaf 29 recto ]20051105_0559.jpg   [ begin leaf 29 verso ]20051105_0557.jpg
You Personality! Your Personality! You 
  and whoever you are? 
O you coward that 
  dare not claim 
  be audacious for 
  your own sake!
O you liar that 
  falsely assume to 
  be modest and 
O you slave —O you ^tongueless, eyeless, earelless, —O you [no handwritten text supplied here]that 
  will not receive me 
  for your own sake
  [ begin leaf 30 recto ]20051105_0556.jpg   [ begin leaf 30 verso ]20051105_0555.jpg


You! whoever you are! 
  without one single 
  exception, in any 
  part of any of These 
I seize ? you with st 
  free and severe you 
  hand—I know well, 
  whoever you are, you are my equal, 
  and the President's 
  equal,—and that there 
  is no one on this 
  globe and any better 
  g greater than you— 
  and that there is 
  no existence in all 
  the universes any more 
  immortal than your,
  [ begin leaf 31 recto ]20051105_0548.jpg   [ begin leaf 31 verso ]20051105_0547.jpg

In Poem

The earth, that is my model of poems 
  modelI do not ? none need 
  discard what I 
  find in the theory 
  of the great, round diversified 
  earth, so beautiful, and 
  so rude.
The body of a man, that 
  I is my model—I do 
  not reject what I 
  find in my body—I 
  am not ashamed—Why 
  should I be ashamed?
The body of a woman, 
  that is my perfect 
  model—I believe 
  in all the body of 
  the woman—I believe 
  the perfect woman 
  shall even precede 
  the man
  [ begin leaf 32 recto ]20051105_0546.jpg   [ begin leaf 32 verso ]20051105_0545.jpg

Poem of Maternity

O my dear child! My 
(Now I am maternal— 
  a child bearer— 
  I bea have from 
  my womb borne 
  a child, and 
  observe it
For great ideas! The life that is not 
  underlaid by great 
  ideas is — — 
  [ begin leaf 33 recto ]20051105_0544.jpg   [ begin leaf 33 verso ]20051105_0543.jpg
For friendship: — — — — For immortality: — — — —
  [ begin leaf 34 recto ]20051105_0551.jpg
Dwelling neighbor to the nigh the Ohioan 
  and Kentuckian, a 
  friendly neighbor,
W Sauntering the streets of 
  Boston, Portland, 
  long list of cities 
  [cut away]
  [ begin leaf 34 verso ]20051105_0552.jpg
* National hymns, 
  The freeman's and freewoman's 
The master's words, strong arrogant, 
  lawless, fluent, severe.—
  [ begin leaf 35 recto ]20051105_0530.jpg   [ begin leaf 35 verso ]20051105_0529.jpg
? For your own sake To stand fast by me! To stand unshaken, and 
  tenacious, —to
To believe in me—no 
  [ begin leaf 36 recto ]20051105_0542.jpg   [ begin leaf 36 verso ]20051105_0541.jpg
Have you any doubt of mortality? I say there can be no more 
  doubt of immortality than 
  there is of mortality
  [ begin leaf 37 recto ]20051105_0528.jpg   [ begin leaf 37 verso ]20051105_0527.jpg

The observer stand some clear day on the northeast height of Washington Park, some yclear day in the year 1900, (the [no handwritten text supplied here]ofyear of These States,) will look on

  [ begin leaf 38 recto ]20051105_0540.jpg   [ begin leaf 38 verso ]20051105_0539.jpg
Primer of Words 
  and Th and 
  Principles (none of these suit
  [ begin leaf 39 recto ]20051105_0538.jpg   [ begin leaf 39 verso ]20051105_0537.jpg

American songs,—in which prose (to be spoken—with a low, or other musical accompaniment,) is interlineated

  [ begin leaf 40 recto ]loc_bb.00026.jpg   [ begin leaf 40 verso ]20051105_0536.jpg

[cut away]

  [ begin leaf 41 recto ]20051105_0535.jpg   [ begin leaf 41 verso ]20051105_0534.jpg   [ begin leaf 42 recto ]20051105_0532.jpg   [ begin leaf 42 verso ]20051105_0531.jpg

I had rather have the good will of the butchers and boatmen of Manhattan Island than all the nominations approbation rewards of the government—literats elegant persons

  [ begin leaf 43 recto ]20051105_0526.jpg   [ begin leaf 43 verso ]20051105_0525.jpg
Sam Matthews

Walt Whitman stands to-day in the midst of the American people, a promise, a preface, an overture a

Will he fulfil the half-distinct half-indistinct promise?—Many do not understand him, but there are others, a few, who do understand him.[illegible] Will he justify the great prophecy of Emerson? or will he too, like thousands of others, flaunt out the one bright commencement, the result of gathered powers, only to sink back exhausted—or to give himself up to the seduction of

  [ begin leaf 44 recto ]20051105_0524.jpg
  • "Ancient Hebrews" by Abm. Mills A. S. Barnes & Co.
  • "Glimpses of Life and Manners 
      in Persia"
    by Lady Sheil with notes on Russia, Koords, 
      Turkomans, Nestorians,
    (refers to 1849)
  • Mrs Tynedale at Mrs. Manning's at in Clinton av. near De Kalb nearly opposite the church
  • Dr. Draper's Physiology (Harper  
     last 2 no's 
  • Brownlow's Map of the Stars 184 Cherry st.
  •   [ begin leaf 44 verso ]20051105_0523.jpg
  • A. Brownson Alcott Oct. 4th '56
  • Jas. Metcalf 79 Warren st. (station house)
  • Mr. Held 4 Boerum near Fulton av.
  • Clerke's Rudiments 
      & Practice
    1 vol.
  • Comic Blackstone
  • Prof Wines' Commentaries on the 
      Hebrew Law
  • Montesquieu Spirit of the Laws
  • Robert Hunt's "Poetry of Science"
  • Poetry of the East Pub. Whittemore, Niles, & Hall Boston
  •   [ begin leaf 45 recto ]20051105_0522.jpg
  • 16th Sept—b
  • J.L. Metcalf 3d district station house 3d ward 79 Warren
  • Organism of Language Becker's Translated into English
  • Grimm's work in German Language
  • W. Gibson 363 Sixth av
  • Middlesex House Concord, Mass
  • Dr. Ruggles 24 East Warren
  • Wilson 4 Greene near Cumberlan 1 door
  [ begin leaf 45 verso ]20051105_0521.jpg
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