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scene in the woods on


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  [ begin leaf 1 recto ]loc.00484.001.jpg Hospital Note Book Walt Whitman   [ begin leaf 1 verso ]loc.00484.002.jpg
  [ begin leaf 2 recto ]loc.00484.003.jpg scene in the woods on the peninsula—told me by Milton Roberts, ward G (Maine) after the battle of White Oaks church, on the retreat, the march at night—the scene between 12 & 2 o'clock that night at the church in the woods, the hospital show at night, the wounded brought in—previous the silent stealthy march through the woods, at times stumbling over the bodies of dead men in the road, (there had been terrible fighting there   [ begin leaf 2 verso ]loc.00484.004.jpg   [ begin leaf 3 recto ]loc.00484.005.jpg the that day, only closing at dark)—we retreating the ^artillery horses feet muffled. orders that men should tread light & only speak in whispers— Then between 12 midnight & 1 oclock we halted to rest a couple of hours at an opening in the woods—in this opening was a pretty good sized old church used improm impromptu for a hospital for the wounded of the   [ begin leaf 3 verso ]loc.00484.006.jpg   [ begin leaf 4 recto ]loc.00484.007.jpg battles of the day thereabout—with these it was filled, all varieties, horrible beyond description— ^—the darkness dimly lit with candles, lamps, torches, moving about, but dark but plenty of darkness & half darkness.—the crowds of wounded, bloody & pale, the surgeons operating—the yards outside also filled—they lay on the ground ^some on blankets, some on stray planks, or   [ begin leaf 4 verso ]loc.00484.008.jpg   [ begin leaf 5 recto ]loc.00484.009.jpg —the desp despairing screams & curses of some out of their senses, the murky darkness, the great gleaming of the torches, the smoke from them too, the doctors operating, the scent of chloroform, the glisten of the steel instruments as as the flash of lamps fell upon them   [ begin leaf 5 verso ]loc.00484.010.jpg
  [ begin leaf 6 recto ]loc.00484.011.jpg Sept 12 ward I bed 35 Levi W Tarkett co E 143rd NYV admitted July 11 find D C Tarkett West Brookville NY   [ begin leaf 6 verso ]loc.00484.012.jpg
  [ begin leaf 7 recto ]loc.00484.013.jpg after at Antietam there was a very large barn & farm house—the barn was filled with wounded, & the barn yard, an the farm house as full as it could stick—a peaceful barn, now bloody the fragrant hay they used to place the men on for operations—they turned the cattle out of their stalls   [ begin leaf 7 verso ]loc.00484.014.jpg   [ begin leaf 8 recto ]loc.00484.015.jpg   [ begin leaf 8 verso ]loc.00484.016.jpg   [ begin leaf 9 recto ]loc.00484.017.jpg   [ begin leaf 9 verso ]loc.00484.018.jpg
  [ begin leaf 10 recto ]loc.00484.019.jpg
ward F. bed 50 admitted Aug 19 Adelbert Dolliver co B 111th Penn mother Mrs. Melinda Morrison Tidioute, Warren co Penn Fever, (only 15 yr's old 22d Nov.'62)
ward G. H. or I. young man I promised to come in & read to—sick with fever—he cannot read steadily himself—his head swims—take him the paper—
  [ begin leaf 10 verso ]loc.00484.020.jpg   [ begin leaf 11 recto ]loc.00484.021.jpg
ward D bed 37 Isaac Livensparger co H. 55th Ohio gun shot w'd left leg admitted June 15th father John Livensparger Lykenston Crawford co Ohio
ward K bed 37 Asbury Allen co D. 27th Indiana diarrhea, bronchitis, & trouble in privates some quince jelly father W Allen Noblesville Hamilton co Ind
  [ begin leaf 11 verso ]loc.00484.022.jpg   [ begin leaf 12 recto ]loc.00484.023.jpg
ward A. Aug 28-9-'63 Bethuel Smith cavalry, wounded in foot. father Mclauclin hon Christopher? Smith ? Glen's Falls, Warren co. N.Y.
  [ begin leaf 12 verso ]loc.00484.024.jpg   [ begin leaf 13 recto ]loc.00484.025.jpg
ward H bed 3 Aug 29 Willis Northrop, (age 19) co G. 108th N.Y. chronic pleuritis, pretty weak. has had diarrhea father Ranson Northrop Webster, Monroe co N.Y. some brandy
  [ begin leaf 13 verso ]loc.00484.026.jpg   [ begin leaf 14 recto ]loc.00484.027.jpg
ward A bed 41 Pleasant Borley co A 1st Reg Cav. g s w left leg brother John Borley Epton​ po Davis​ co Ind
  [ begin leaf 14 verso ]loc.00484.028.jpg   [ begin leaf 15 recto ]loc.00484.029.jpg
Bethuel Smith co F. 2nd US Cav father Christopher Smith Glen's Falls Warren co NY
  [ begin leaf 15 verso ]loc.00484.030.jpg   [ begin leaf 16 recto ]loc.00484.031.jpg
Bethuel Smith co F 2nd US Cavalry Glen's Falls Warren co NY father Christopher Smith September 9th 1863— Bethuel Smith
  [ begin leaf 16 verso ]loc.00484.032.jpg   [ begin leaf 17 recto ]loc.00484.033.jpg   [ begin leaf 17 verso ]loc.00484.034.jpg   [ begin leaf 18 recto ]loc.00484.035.jpg   [ begin leaf 18 verso ]loc.00484.036.jpg   [ begin leaf 19 recto ]loc.00484.037.jpg   [ begin leaf 19 verso ]loc.00484.038.jpg   [ begin leaf 20 recto ]loc.00484.039.jpg   [ begin leaf 20 verso ]loc.00484.040.jpg   [ begin leaf 21 recto ]loc.00484.041.jpg   [ begin leaf 21 verso ]loc.00484.042.jpg   [ begin leaf 22 recto ]loc.00484.043.jpg   [ begin leaf 22 verso ]loc.00484.044.jpg   [ begin leaf 23 recto ]loc.00484.045.jpg   [ begin leaf 23 verso ]loc.00484.046.jpg   [ begin leaf 24 recto ]loc.00484.047.jpg   [ begin leaf 24 verso ]loc.00484.048.jpg
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