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Harvey Jewell and C. S. Kendall to Walt Whitman, 6 February 1861

My dear Sir,

Please find bill enclosed of 20.241. You are requested to pay the sum immediately and much oblige you with such,

H. Jewell C. S. Kendall2 Assignees for— tab of Thayer & Eldridge


  • 1. In a previous letter, this amount is described by Thayer and Eldridge as a "numerical sum just for appearance sake," so that Whitman would not be bothered by the bankrupt publishers' creditors. See Thayer and Eldridge's letter from December 5, 1860. [back]
  • 2. Jewell and Kendall were collecting for Thayer and Eldridge's debtors. Thayer and Eldridge was a Boston publishing firm responsible for the third edition of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass (1860). For more on Whitman's relationship with Thayer and Eldridge see "Thayer, William Wilde [1829–1896] and Charles W. Eldridge [1837–1903]." [back]
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