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Alfred Pratt to Walt Whitman, 7 August 1865

Walt Whitman Dear Friend

I1 am now at my own home but hav not got my discharge yet. I left Washington on trans furr to rochester. I have to go back to rochester to get my discharge. the day that I left thare went to the patent ofice to see you but you was not thare. and I had not time to go whare you was but, went back to Ward C and gave to no. 6 thare in the ward 70 cts to give to you he said that he would let you have it the first time that you come in. now pleas rite and let me know if you got it. I wanted to see you I would like to no if you got that money anyhow. I got home two weeks ago last friday. but I find myself rather weak yet last friday I was on a lode of hay and went to down of from it and I fell and scard the horses one of them kicked me on the forehead and then they start to run and the wagon wheel struck me on the back of my head and hurt me bad but can sit up now. I think of no more at present. Pleas rite if you get this address.

My friends their respects Please if get this rite and if you will Please to sennd me that potographs of Abe and Washington like yours if you can find them I will pay you for it.


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