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Walt Whitman to George Wood, 29 December 1866

My dear Mr. Wood,1

I write to solicit from you $2, for helping my soldier boys to some festivities these holiday & New Year times.


Walt Whitman


  • 1. Apparently George Wood (1799–1870), who went to the Treasury Department as a clerk in 1822 and held various posts in that bureau until his death. He was the author of several satirical works, Peter Schlemihl in America (Philadelphia: Carey and Hart, 1848) and The Gates Wide Open; or, Scenes in Another World (Boston: Lee and Shepard, 1858; rev. ed. 1870); see National Cyclopaedia of American Biography. Undoubtedly he became acquainted with Whitman through William and Ellen O'Connor. Ellen mentions a Mr. Wood in her letter of July 5, 1864, (Charles E. Feinberg Collection). See also Wood's letter to Whitman of January 15, 1863 and Whitman's July 17, 1863 letter to Wood. [back]
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