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But when a voice in our hearing


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But when a voice in my our hearing excuses this Fugitive damned Act, because it binds no leg and breaks chains no wrist of mine ours, the true response is, That's ^Have Can you no talk ^no nigher to the purpose ^than that?—Have we squashed in the mind so far, that you make a parley about our ^the freedom of our own personal flesh, on our own sovereign, s ^independent soil, and assure us ^as if there were any debate about it the police, irresponsible police of Congress ^and the President will not never not touch us nor our women, nor the coal in the that cellars nor the horses in that barn?—We know they will not, lay hands on us, nor any thing that is physically ours.—for certain excellent reasons.—Passing over the more direct ones, the heart of the theory under which we are secure from all such outrages, and an endless programme of others, is, local state or local sovereignty, dispensed through the hands of equal, well-defined, all-powerful Law, adm untramme unwarped by any outside influences, ^complete in itself broad, benignant.

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