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John Burroughs to Walt Whitman, 12 January 1873

 loc.01119.001.jpg Dear Walt,

I have thought of you very often since I have been up here, but have hardly had the time to write & tell you so. I left W. in great haste & since I have been here have been in the midst of a very maelstrom of business, all new, all strange, & very mixed; but I am now fairly master of the situation, & though I do not expect my troubles are over, yet I am better prepared to meet them. I have got a good accountant, a com-  loc.01119.002.jpgpetant attorney, a balance in the bank & ought to be happy. But it cost me a hang to leave W. I was so warm & snug & my nest was so well feathered; but I have really cut loose & do not expect to return again except briefly. I can make more money here, be much freer, be nearer home & have a new field of duties. My greatest loss will be in you my dear Walt, but then I shall look forward to having you up here a good long time at a stretch, which will be better than the crumbs I used to get of you in W. I expect it will take me a year or more to close up this bank, then I shall make me another nest  loc.01119.003.jpgamong the rocks of the Hudson and try life my own master. I hope you are well & will write to me, & will go up & see my wife. It is very cold & wintery here, the thermometer at zero yesterday. I have just been out taking a sleigh ride & enjoyed it much.

I have collected & turned over to the Government $13,000 since I have been here & have about $100,000 more to collect. By & by I shall have plenty of time to myself.

With much love, John Burroughs  loc.01119.004.jpg
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