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John Burroughs to Walt Whitman, 17 August 1883

 loc.01147.001_large.jpg Dear Walt:

Drop me a line where & how you are, & what your plans are for the fall.

We are just back from Roxbury where we went in July. We are all pretty well. I rec'd​ Dr Buckes book & thank you for it. I had already purchased & read it. I cannot say that I care  loc.01147.002_large.jpg much for what Dr Bucke has to say; he gives me no new hint or idea. Wm O'Connors​ letter is a treat, with a little too much seasoning. If Wm​ would only practice a little more self-denial, he would be much more effective. He could write so that his critics could not laugh at him.

The review of the book in the Tribune, was by a woman—a Miss H—(I forget her name) regularly  loc.01147.003_large.jpg employed upon the paper. The latter part of June Gilder & I went to Concord & spent a couple of days there, called on Mrs​ Emerson, liked her much, supped & breakfasted with Sanborn & had a pleasant time. Young Dr Emerson, seems a worthy son of his father. I liked him much.

If we ever get another girl in this house & the kitchen machinery running smoothly again, I shall come for you & take no denial. I think it would  loc.01147.004_large.jpg lengthen my days to see you once more.

With love John Burroughs  loc.01147.005_large.jpg see notes June 30 1888  loc.01147.006_large.jpg
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