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Edward Carpenter to Walt Whitman, 16 March 1882

 loc.01237.003_large.jpg Dear Old Walt—

I should like a line from you. I have not had time exactly to write to you lately—or rather I have written so many letters, business affairs mostly, connected with my brothers & sisters, that I  loc.01237.004_large.jpg have not wanted to write any more.

I enclose you a letter I am sure you will like to read—which I got the other day from a friend. He is a clever fellow, with flashes of genius—classical minded—but you are too much for him!

I have about finished what  loc.01237.005_large.jpg I am writing at present. It is in paragraphs some short, (half a line or so), some long, in the ordinary prose form, tho' poetical in character. It is a good deal made up of previous writings of the last 5 or 6 years squeezed out—a drop or two here & there. I have thought for some time of calling it "Towards Democracy" and I do not see any reason for altering the title—though the  loc.01237.006_large.jpg word democracy does not often occur in it.

With love to you as always Your friend E.C.  loc.01237.001_large.jpg from E Carpenter (enclosing Sharp letter on L of G)  loc.01237.002_large.jpg
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