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Walt Whitman to Josiah Child, 19 January 1884

 loc.01266.001_large.jpg Dear Sir

This item—

A new edition of Walt Whitman's works, has been brought out in London, with an appendix containing the opinions of George Eliot, Ruskin, Tennyson, Swinburne, Rossetti and others concerning Whitman.1

is printed in the papers here of late—I suppose fictitious information—But I thought I would write to you to ask if you know or have heard. Is it not a mistake for the Wilson & McCormick edition, (from the plates here)?2—But that has no "appendix" as mentioned above.

I am well as usual—Dr Bucke was down from Canada a short time since to see me. I get the "Record" from your establishment, & thank you.

Walt Whitman  loc.01266.002_large.jpg Josiah Child | c/o Trübner & Co

Whitman's dealings with Trübner & Company were handled through Josiah Child. Trübner & Company was the London agent for Whitman's books; see Whitman's December 27, 1873, letter to the firm.


  • 1. This text is a clipping pasted onto the letter. It appears no such edition ever existed. [back]
  • 2. The Wilson and McCormick edition was published in London in 1884 and based on the text of the 1881 Osgood edition. [back]
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