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Walt Whitman to George Collins Cox, 23 June 1889


If convenient please give the bearer, for the Photo: Process Co: for me, the negative of the photo: my head (with hat) I call "the laughing Philosopher"—to be carefully cared for & return'd to you in a month or less.

Walt Whitman  loc.01412.002_large.jpg  loc.01412.003_large.jpg  loc.01412.004_large.jpg

George Collins "G. C." Cox (1851–1903) was a well-known celebrity photographer who had taken photographs of Whitman when the poet was in New York to give his lecture on Abraham Lincoln (his Lincoln lecture) in April 1887. "The Laughing Philosopher," one of the most famous photographs of Whitman, was taken by Cox in 1887.


  • 1. This letter is addressed: Mr Cox | photographer | Broadway & Ninth st: | New York City [back]
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