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John Burroughs to Walt Whitman, 21 September [1883]

 loc.01473.001_large.jpg Dear Walt:

I am down here for a week or two, under the direction of my Dr, taking hot sea baths. Came here last Monday, a pleasant place with plenty of sea & sea air. I feel well & walk some days 8 or 10 miles, but there are certain symptoms that the Dr thinks hot baths will  loc.01473.002_large.jpg  loc.01473.003_large.jpgremove. Now mainly what I write for is this, to ask you to come up & be my guest for a week. I cant come to you very well, but cant you come to me? This is a large comfortable House with few guests, near the beach & you would feel at home here. Cant you come? Come to-morrow (Saturday) & send me a dispatch what train. We can have the Atlantic Ocean all to ourselves, & maybe these hot sea baths at the hotel are the thing for you. Do come.

With love J Burroughs  loc.01473.004_large.jpg  loc.01473.005_large.jpg  loc.01473.006_large.jpg
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