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Edward Dowden to Walt Whitman, 21 November 1882

 loc.01500.001_large.jpg see notes Sept 22 1888 Dear Mr. Whitman,

Your card & "Progress" have just arrived. I rejoice that with the ill tidings of your recent prostration comes good news of your recovery. May this better condition continue! You annex your friends so closely, that your health & strength becomes part of theirs—

I send you the Academy with my notice of Specimen  loc.01500.002_large.jpg Days. I closed my review with a wish that you might try a voyage across the Atlantic. It would be a happy thing if we could have you here for a while, where you would find a bedroom, books, &, in summer, flowers & birds, beside a friend or two. Think of this. In London, I am sure, your  loc.01500.003_large.jpg welcome would be hearty.

Please notice a few lines by the editor of the Academy (I suppose) on p. 362. Who his informant was I do not know.

Most truly yours, dear friend, Edward Dowden.  loc.01500.004_large.jpg
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