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Walt Whitman to John Harrison Littlefield, 1 December 1868

 loc.01681.001.jpg Attorney General's Office, . Mr. Littlefield. Dear Sir:1

I have been very much occupied, since I saw you—& wish you to accept my apoligies for not coming to see you, & sit, &c. I appreciate your courtesy, & invitation—& hope to be soon more at leisure, & in the vein for sitting.

Walt Whitman  loc.01681.002.jpg


  • 1. John Harrison Littlefield (1835–1902) advertised himself in the Washington Directory of 1869 as an artist and publisher; see also Daniel Trowbridge Mallett's Mallett's Index of Artists (New York: Peter Smith, 1948). The Republican publishers of the Washington Daily Morning Chronicle in 1868 were offering to new subscribers Littlefield's steel engraving of Grant. [back]
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