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Walter Whitman Reynolds to Walt Whitman, 13 May 1872

 loc.01863.005_large.jpg D. William Diggs. Wm. J. Cunningham. Fletcher W. Dickerman. Ezra M. Frost. Harry Coburn. Walt Whitman

I now take my pen in hand to let you know how I am getting along I am very well at present and hope you are the same I have been work for the above firm about three weeks as assistant shipping clerk and like the place very much. friend Walt I want to know if you will be kind enough loan me twenty dollars as I want to get a pair of pants and a coat. I have not been out of the house on sunday since New Years I will repay you inside of three months. if you could let me have the above amount you will confer a favor on

Yours Truly W. Whitman Reynolds (Over)  loc.01863.006_large.jpg

P.S. please answer by mail as soon as you get this. direct your letter to W. Whitman Reynolds 365 Bway Care D. Caloo New York City

 loc.01863.003_large.jpg One of numerous letters from Walter Reynolds asking money & honeyfugle generally  loc.01863.004_large.jpg

Walter Whitman Reynolds (b. 1854), named after the poet, was the son of Henry Reynolds (b. 1827–before 1880), a car driver, and Eliza Reynolds (b. 1828?). Walter's mother Eliza Reynolds, wrote to Whitman on October 16, 1868, imploring Whitman to get to know his namesake. She described Walter as "a nice boy, between 13 and 14 years old" and told the poet: "i thought perhaps you might take an interest in him."


  • 1. This letter is addressed: Walt Whitman | Atty Gens Office | Washington | D.C. It is postmarked: New York | MAY | 14 | 10:30 AM; CARRIER | 15 [6] | CARRIER | 15 [6] | [illegible]. [back]
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