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John M. Rogers to Walt Whitman, 27 February 1871

 loc.01866.001.jpg Dear Father

I receive​ your letter on Saturday and was glad to hear from you and that you are well and enjoying you​ self I am as well as ever but I feel very uneasy at times because I am doing nothing I have not done any thing scince Jan 1st every thing is very dull here at presant​ The weather is warm and pleasant here for this time of the  loc.01866.002.jpg year We did not have a very great time on Washington birth day here a reg. or two of Soldiers turned out in a parade was all that I see in this great City I should like very much to come to Washinton​ and see you but as long as I know that you are well and enjoying your self I will try to content my self It rained all day here yesterday and I did not go out any whare​ I feel very greatful​ to you that you should take so much interist​ in me it makes  loc.01866.003.jpg me think of my father all though if we think of our dear heavenly Fathe​ he will guide and direct us in all our ways and we ought to be very thankful to him for our good health he is such a good Father to us so good by​ for the presant​ my Dear good Father

from your affecinate​  
John M Rogers

P.S. I would come out there on a visit but can not aford​ it just now so good by​

Jonny  loc.01866.004.jpg  loc.01866.005.jpg
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