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John M. Rogers to Walt Whitman, 14 June 1875

 loc.01873.007_large.jpg Dear Friend & Father

your letter came to hand last week2 and I was glad to hear from you This leaves me all well hopeing​ it may find you the same My Wife & Boy3 are well as can be Expected You spoke about your Picture I received one with a paper that I received from there some time ago


you want me to write all the particulars about my self I am not doing much at preasant​ work is very dull here and the waiges​ is small it is imposable​ to everage​ a liveing​ here from the pay that I receive for work last month I earned a bout​ $(15.00) Dollars in the shop and this month I shall not have above ten Dollars If it were not for what I make out side I should come out short. And I expect to lose that chance for this reason they are a going to open a cooperative Store and keep it open through the day  loc.01873.009_large.jpg and unless I get a position in the store I shall look for someing​ else to do It is a socity​ call the Soverigns​ of Inustry​ If you see any chanc​ for me to get any thing to do let me know as I have given you all the news I will close

I remain Yours &c J M Rogers  loc.01873.010_large.jpg  loc.01873.011_large.jpg John Rogers June 14 '75.  loc.01873.012_large.jpg

John (Jack) M. Rogers was a Brooklyn driver with whom Whitman had a loving relationship. Whitman first met him in Brooklyn on September 21, 1870. For more on Rogers and his relationship with the poet, see Charley Shively, ed., Calamus Lovers: Walt Whitman's Working-Class Camerados (San Francisco: Gay Sunshine Press, 1987), 122–135.


  • 1. This letter is addressed: Walt Whitman. Esq | No 431 Steven S Cor West | Camden | N Jersey. It is postmarked: New Britain | Jun 14 | Conn. [back]
  • 2. This letter has not been located. [back]
  • 3. As yet we have no information about these people. [back]
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