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John Swinton to Walt Whitman, [24] September 1877

 loc.01901.001_large.jpg My dear Walt

Miss Annie T. Smith desires to see you for a short time; and it is with pleasure that I give her this note to you.

—She has all the merits that you admire, and if she be not appalled by your greatness, or the shadow of it, you will  loc.01901.002_large.jpg  loc.01901.003_large.jpg have a good time with her

A lady friend of hers here in New York tells me that Miss Smith proposes to make you a feature in some sort of production, but of this I know nothing. I am certain that if she does, you will enjoy it

So, Walt, whether  loc.01901.004_large.jpg she writes to you, visits you, or otherwise enters into relations with you; you will know that she is an admirer of yourself, and a friend of

John Swinton  loc.01901.005_large.jpg  loc.01901.006_large.jpg
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