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Annie Tolman Smith to Walt Whitman, 6 June 1871

 loc.01902.001_large.jpg My dear Mr Whitman

Please write Your Autograph & Enclose in the Accompanying Envelope I appreciate  loc.01902.002_large.jpg the Many [illegible][deletion] favors Asked of You feel desire Your Autograph So Much to Add to My Already Good Collection that I trouble you—Please  loc.01902.003_large.jpg oblige one of Your Greatest Admirers.

Sincerely A T. Smith Baltimore  loc.01902.004_large.jpg AT Smith

Anna Tolman Smith (1840–1917) was an American writer and educator who wrote reports for the United States Office of Education for more than thirty-five years (American Association for the Advancement of Science, General Program of the Meeting [Washington: The Association, 1969] 40:77). She was the author of "Progress of Education for Women," which was published in the Annual Report of the Department of the Interior (U.S. Government Printing Office, 1871).

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