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Rudolf Schmidt to Walt Whitman, 27 February 1872

 loc.01905.001.jpg Fra Red. af „For Ide og Virkelighed". Dear Mr. Walt Whitman.

I hereby acknowledge the receipt of your kind letter of 2 Feb, which has been in my hands for some days. On the 5th January I duely received all the three parcels—

Your letter of 16th January I replied to immediately on the 5th February. Of course my letter has gone to Washington.

The other copy of "Democratic Vistas," [illegible] shall have; but he [illegible] understand  loc.01905.002.jpg only a very little English. If the whole book could be translated into Danish it would fall as a crossing lightning over all the controversies in these northern countries. But our democrats—I am ashamed of telling it you!—are very silly persons—, and our bourgeoisie will not buy the book.

I am closing in these days my article on you—. Indeed I am too much occupied with you to write you any more. In the final week of March I shall send two copies of our February number by pr post, the one to you  loc.01905.003.jpg in New York, the other to Clausen in Washington.

I wish you good days with your mother.

Truly yours Rudolf Schmidt  loc.01905.004.jpg Schmidt
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