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Ernest D. Seybold to Walt Whitman, [1871–1880]

 loc.01922.001_large.jpg *** Papa,

you tell Walt Whitman I wrote him some on your letter:

"Dear Walt Whitman, I lost that pretty little leaf you gave me. I don't live in Washington now—I live in California. I want you to come and see me sometime. My hat was all worn out, and Papa sent me a new one, by the post man. I like my new hat. They killed a rattlesnake here. Mr. Whitman, Good Night, Mama says I must go to bed."

Ernest Denton Seybold.  loc.01922.002_large.jpg E D Seybold

The correspondent may be the Ernest Seybold who was born in Washington, D.C., in 1866 to the printer T. S. Seybold and his wife Eizabeth. According to the 1880 U. S. Census, Ernest Seybold, then fourteen, was a boarder who had returned to Washington, D.C., and was attending school.

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