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John Swinton to Walt Whitman, 19 October 1870

 loc.01956.001.jpg Dear Walt—

I delivered the book to Mr. Reid for the "Tribune"—and had some considerable talk with him about a review article. I was afraid of Ripley but Reid confirmed my impression that Greeley is or has been favorable, and he agreed to speak to Greeley, and see what could be done in the premises.

—The conversation was exhaustive—that is to say I exhausted the powers I for the time being possessed—and the upshot was the rather limited result above mentioned. In any event, if the matter goes to Ripley, it will have gone to him by a friendly line.

I read the "Vistas"—not in the morning but at night There are many good and striking ideas, with plenty of opportunity for difference of opinion and criticism.

Yours, J. Swinton
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