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Sam Walter Foss to Walt Whitman, 26 May 1884

 loc.02050.001_large.jpg see notes Aug 26 & 30, '88 Mr. Walt Whitman: Dear Sir,

I send you with this letter two copies of our paper, both containing notices of your poems. Permit me to thank you warmly for the great inspiration I have received from the reading of Leaves of Grass. In my opinion, it marks a new era in American Literature; and is to stand out more and more prominently, as time advances, as the distinctively American book

Most Respectfully, S. W. Foss  loc.02050.002_large.jpg SW Foss

Sam Walter Foss (1858–1911) was an American poet and editorial writer for the Boston Globe. In 1887 he became the editor of the Yankee Blade.

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