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Walt Whitman to the Editor of the Century Monthly Review, 31 July 1886

 loc.02069.001_large.jpg To Dana H Ferreu of The Century Co *'Army Hospitals and Cases | Memoranda of the Time, 1863–6' $75.00 [illegible] Dear Sir

Yours of yesterday rec'd1—In answer: please send me, soon as convenient, a typewritten copy—or, (better still) a good proof, of the article, to which I could make additions or emendations—Yes, I "leave its publication to your convenience"—I shall consider your Magazine the owner of the article—I reserving the right to print in future book, but only after its publication by you—(some months after at least—probably a year after)—

Walt Whitman

The enclosed slip returned having probably got in your yesterday's letter to me by mistake

 loc.02069.002_large.jpg Walt Whitman

A note on this letter in an unidentified hand suggests that the letter was written to Dana H. Ferreu of The Century Company. As yet we have no additional information about this correspondent.


  • 1. The editor's letter appears to be lost. [back]
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