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Walt Whitman to A. C. Floyd, 7 January [1875?]

 loc.02089.001_large.jpg A. C. Floyd, Dear Sir,

As far as I can tell by my impression—which is a very vague one, for I have never seen the book—"the White Rose & Red," was reprinted from the foreign copy by the publishers, Roberts Bros. of Boston, a year or two ago—(perhaps more.) Seems to me it was attributed to Robert Buchanan the English poet.2

I am still unwell from my cerebral trouble—but still looking for better times, & counting on them.

Walt Whitman  loc.02089.002_large.jpg

As yet we have no information about this correspondent.


  • 1. The year is conjectural. [back]
  • 2. White Rose and Red. A Love Story was published by Osgood & Co. in 1873. The name of the author, Robert Buchanan, did not appear on the title page, but there was the following inscription: "To Walt Whitman and Alexander Gardiner, with all friends in Washington, I dedicate this book." [back]
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