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Elizabeth Ford to Walt Whitman, 13 June 1883

 loc.02092.001_large.jpg Dear Mr. Whitman

I am writing to ask you to send me the two volumes of your writings which you sent my sister a few months ago. They are "Specimen Days & Collect" & "Leaves of Grass". I enclose a post office order, if it is not the right sum please tell me. I hope  loc.02092.004_large.jpg  loc.02092.002_large.jpg it is not troubling you to ask you to send them. Edward Carpenter told us it was the best way to get them.

I have had the English Rossetti edition a long time, but this one I want is beautiful, & I feel as if I cannot do without it, for I can't say what your words have been to me nor how glad & thankful I am that I have known them. I hope you are better than you were. I am very sorry that you should suffer.

Believe me Yours Bessie Ford

The P.O. order is payable from Bessie Ford, the above address.

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