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Samuel H. Grey to Walt Whitman, 20 November 1889

 loc.02124.001_large.jpg Walt Whitman Esq Dear Sir

I have recd. with very great pleasure the copy of yr. works wh you were kind enough to send me. They are in themselves valuable to all thoughtful men but their intrinsic value is to me enhanced by the fact that they came direct from the hand, and as an expression of the good will & esteem, of the author.

 loc.02124.002_large.jpg  loc.02124.003_large.jpg

I feel flattered by this evidence of yr. kindly feeling and I thank you heartily for this most acceptable gift.

In the hope that yr. days may yet "be long in the land" to whose literature you have given the true American characteristics of breadth & freedom

I am Dr Sir Respectfully & Gratefully Yrs SH. Grey  loc.02124.004_large.jpg  loc.02124.005_large.jpg  loc.02124.006_large.jpg

Samuel H. Grey (1836–1903) was a lifelong resident of Camden and a prominent constitutional lawyer. A founder of New Jersey's Republican party, he served on the New Jersey Constitutional Commission and was appointed New Jersey Attorney General in 1897, serving in that position until 1902.


  • 1. This letter is addressed: Walt Whitman Es'q | Camden | N.J. It is postmarked: Camden, N.J. | Nov21 | 130PM | 89. Grey's return address is printed on the envelope as follows: Grey & Grey, | Law Offices, | 104 Market St., Camden,—93 Market St., Salem, N. J. [back]
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