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Richard Watson Gilder to Walt Whitman, 7 June 1883

 loc.02222.001_large.jpg My dear Mr. Whitman:

I do not know whether you saw a little paragraph in a recent number of the Critic—in the Lounger's department. I have not seen Dr. Bucke's book, but I was told that he had done me the honor of quoting some verses of mine. I was asked whether those verses were written for the book, or about yourself, and I said  loc.02222.002_large.jpg "No—they were published in the magazine some time ago and were suggested by another writer." I am very sorry that paragraph appeared as it did, or at all, as it might look as if I were not a friend and admirer of the subject of the book.

Are you coming North this summer? I wish you would come and see me at Marion, on Buzzard's Bay in Mass.​ If you will give me the slightest encouragement I will try to get Burroughs there to meet you. Splendid pine woods—good  loc.02222.003_large.jpg fishing and boating—a quiet little whaling village. Think well of it and let me know by return mail

Very sincerely yours R.W. Gilder. Walt Whitman Esq.  loc.02222.004_large.jpg
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