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Walt Whitman to C. Oscar Gridley, 30 August 1886


Thanks for "Notes on America"—safely rec'd & read with interest by me. I consider your Carlyle to be as much a democrat as anybody—more than a good many accepted ones—I am much the same as when you saw me last—pulled a little lower down perhaps

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C. Oscar Gridley of London was the secretary of the Carlyle Society and had called on Whitman in April 1884. He had contributed to William Michael Rossetti and Herbert Gilchrist's fundraiser for Whitman in 1885. The poet called Gridley a "friend of L of G. and W. W." in a letter to Gilchrist of September 15, 1885.


  • 1. This postal card is addressed: C Oscar Gridley | 9 Duke Street | London Bridge | London | s e | England. It is postmarked: CAMDEN | AUG | 30 | [illegible] | 1886 | N.J.; PHILADELPHIA, PA. | AUG | 30 | 1886 | PAID. [back]
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