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George Hall to Walt Whitman, 11 May 1889

 loc.02251.001.jpg Dear Sir,

Accompanying this note is a little paper—the "Monthly Magazine"—containing an article1 which I humbly beg you may accept as a feeble expression of my gratification to you in return for all the greater delight and purer joy in life which in your writings—more especially in your "Leaves of Grass"—you have both given and revealed to me.

 loc.02251.002.jpg  loc.02251.003.jpg With sincerest good wishes and affectionate regards. I have the honour to be only a humble and obscure lover of yours George Hall. curate of Normandy.  loc.02251.004.jpg

As yet we have no information about this correspondent.


  • 1. Hall is referring to an article he wrote entitled "Walt Whitman," which was published in the December 1888 issue of The Monthly Magazine. Hall included a copy of the article as an enclosure with this letter, but it does not seem to be extant. [back]
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