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Rufus C. Hartranft to Walt Whitman, 14 April 1890

 loc.02253.001.jpg Dear Sir

If you have any old MSS. by yourself and want to have it produce a goodly sum— I can suggest an excellent method.

Will you advise me of the whereabouts of the MSS of your last 2 books published— I can make you a large return for it if you wish.


I desire to say that I suggest this simply from what I learned from some friends in England this Summer—

If you please I will call on you and if you do not care to consider the matter have the courtesy to drop me yea or nay.

Respectfully Yours R. C Hartranft.

Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist?

☛ This book will be found peculiar, curious, startling!—more so than any work issued since Uncle Tom's Cabin. It breathes forgotten whispers, which the rust of time had almost covered, and which have been snatched from the very jaws of oblivion. It deals with high official private life during the most momentous period in American History, and is a secret page from the life of him whom time serves only to make greater, more appreciated, and more understood.—"Abraham Lincoln."

12mo., cloth, Illus., $1.50.

R. C. HARTRANFT, Publisher, 709 Sansom St., Phila., Pa.

 loc.02253.005.jpg  loc.02253.006.jpg

Rufus C. Hartranft was a publisher in Philadelphia. He was also an expert in handwriting, and assessed the authenticity of signatures on legal and banking records.


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