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Frederick Helmick to Walt Whitman, 12 June 1891

 loc.02258.001_large.jpg Honored Sir—

Asking your pardon for intruding myself upon your time. I write to ask you what you think from present indications of the manner in which poetic utterence will take form in the near future—of this manner and again or lack of them which indicate a high quality and the advent of some noble poets—head strong democratic and human—of course affected by forign​ precursors but fundamentaly and as a whole a new voice of the states.

You have indeed—nobly pointed the way, do you know of many strong brilliant men who have followed the path you have trodden and indicated? asking again for your opinion—"of Reato." I express to you my deep appreciation and love for your books—and well wishes for your health.

America will soon find out your greatness—or she would seem to be not the America you have found her.

I am Dear Sir, Yours Sincerely Frederick Helmick. 1406 Chapin Street Washington D.C.  loc.02258.002_large.jpg  loc.02258.003_large.jpg  loc.02258.004_large.jpg  loc.02258.005_large.jpg  loc.02258.006_large.jpg

As yet we have no information about this correspondent.


  • 1. This letter is addressed: Walt Whitman Esq | Camden, | New Jersey. It is postmarked: WASHINGTON, D.C. | JUN 15 | 7-AM | 1891; WASHINGTON, D.C. | JUN 15 | 7-AM | 1891; CAMDEN, N.J. | JUN | 15 | 3 PM | 1891 | REC'D. [back]
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