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John Foord to Walt Whitman, 19 September 1889

 loc.02271.001_large.jpg Walt Whitman, Esqre, Dear Sir,

Enclosed please find Messrs Harper and Brothers'1—check for Ten Dollars, in payment for the poem "Bravo! Paris Exposition,"2 to be used in the "Weekly."

Yours Truly, John Foord Editor, "Harpers' Weekly."  loc.02271.002_large.jpg  loc.02271.003_large.jpg  loc.02271.004_large.jpg

John Foord was the editor of Harper's Weekly from 1888 to 1892.


  • 1. Harper's Weekly was a New York-based magazine published by Harper & Brothers from 1857 to 1916. It did extensive coverage of the Civil War, during which it was the most widely read magazine in the U.S. After the War, it supported the Republican Party and Radical Reconstruction and published Thomas Nast's highly influential political cartoons. For more information on Whitman's relationship with Harper's Weekly, see Susan Belasco's Harper's Weekly Magazine. [back]
  • 2. Whitman's poem "Bravo, Paris Exposition!." was published in Harper's Weekly on September 28, 1889. [back]
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