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Walt Whitman to John Swinton, 24 June [1874]

Your good letter rec'd this morning. Come & see me whenever you can. It is very easy—6 or 8 trains fro & to N. Y. every day & night. Come either by boat to Amboy, & so directly here to Camden depot, (only 60 rods from this house,) or from Jersey City to West Philadelphia depot, & so down Market st. by horse cars to Camden ferry at foot of it. I am about the same. Jeff is here with me (from St. Louis) for a couple of days.

W. W.


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    This postcard bears the address, "John Swinton | 134 E. 38th st. | New York City." It is postmarked: "Camden | Jun | 24 | N.J."

    This postcard was written in reply to Swinton's letter of June 23, 1874, in which he spoke of "going toward social radicalism of late years," and promised to visit Walt Whitman "within a few weeks."

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