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Walt Whitman to Albert Johnston, 16 August [1880]


Am back again here all right after my Quebec and Ha-ha bay trip—Have been away just three weeks & traveled over 1500 miles—the most comfortable & healthy trip I ever put in—Shall probably stay here a month yet—Write—Your old uncle & comrade

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  • 1. This postal card is addressed: Al: Johnston | 1309 Fifth anvenue | New York City | U S A. It is postmarked: LONDON | A.M. | AU 17 | 80 | ONT; K | 8–18 | 3–1. The address on Whitman's card was crossed out, and the card was redirected to "Equinunk Wayne Co | Pa." [back]
  • 2. On June 26 John H. Johnston informed Whitman of his son's recent activities; John may have written the corrected address at the top of the postal card. [back]
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