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John H. Johnston to Walt Whitman, 13 June 1883

 loc.02560.001_large.jpg Dear Walt;

The other day I learned that Gov. Cleveland was a great admirer of Walt Whitman. I at once wrote him a letter to let him know that JHJ was ditto, and that he—JHJ would be delighted to bring you and the Gov. together. I have just rec'd​ a very nice letter from him, and when you come on, if we dont get him down to our house over Sunday (on the quiet) you and I will take a trip to Albany and pay our respects and have a splendid time. I just want the world to know that there is such a man as Gov Cleveland who loves W.W. It will boom another edition for you sure pop, and I hope you  loc.02560.002_large.jpg will come right over and smell the June roses with us.

Sincerely yours J H Johnston

A letter from Dr Bucke this morning telling me he has ordered a copy of your life sent to me. Good fellow to remember me wasn't he?

JHJ  loc.02560.003_large.jpg  loc.02560.004_large.jpg
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