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Calvin B. Knerr to Walt Whitman, 12 May 1891

 loc.02595.001.jpg Dear Walt Whitman,

I hand you my check for the precious book into which you have put so much of your dear self and consider myself forever your debtor.

You kindly asked me to come again, which I will be glad to do on condition that you will not find me tiresome.

You trusted me and I thank and love you for it.

Cordially Yours Calvin B. Knerr.  loc.02595.002.jpg

Calvin Brobst Knerr (1847–1940) was a Philadelphia-based homeopathic doctor. He was the former pupil and son-in-law of Dr. Constantine Hering (1800–1880), an advocate for and practitioner of homeopathic medicine. Whitman mentions the visit from Knerr to Horace Traubel. See With Walt Whitman in Camden, Tuesday, May 12, 1891.


  • 1. A line has been drawn through this letter in black ink. [back]
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