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Walt Whitman to Whitelaw Reid, [8 February 1876]


Calculated to make from 2 1/3d to 2 2/3d columns, in the ordinary nonpareil, (or minion, is it?) you use for reading matter.

If convenient, when in type, send me a (revised) proof, which I will return by next mail.2

Walt Whitman

431 Stevens st. | Camden, | N. Jersey.


  • 1. Endorsed (by Reid?), "8 Feb. 1876." [back]
  • 2. Whitman sent Reid, the editor of the New York Tribune, a lengthy review of his new edition, which appeared in the New York Tribune on February 19, 1876; see Whitman's December 5, 1874 letter to Reid and Studies in Bibliography, 8 (1956), 243–244. [back]
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