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Walt Whitman to James Knowles, 9 February 1890

 loc.03208.001.jpg Dear Sir

I sent you a little cluster of poemets "Old Age's Echoes" ab't 1st of Nov: last—wh' I suppose you have rec'd—No word rec'd me ab't them—If you can't use them please kindly return the slip copy (it was printed on a slip) to me here,1

respectfully &c: Walt Whitman  loc.03208.002.jpg Walt Whitman—9 Feb 1890 | as to his verses on | 'Old Age Echoes'?

James Thomas Knowles (1831–1908) was the editor of The Nineteenth Century, a leading British monthly magazine, in which "Fancies at Navesink" was published on August 18, 1885. He was also an architect and the founder of the Metaphysical Society, dedicated to discovering common ground between science and religion.


  • 1. See Whitman's November 4, 1889, letter to the Canadian physician and psychiatrist Richard Maurice Bucke, where he mentions submitting "Old Age Echoes." Knowles returned the copy on February 21, 1890. The cluster of poems was eventually published in the March 1891 issue of Lippincott's Magazine. [back]
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