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Isaac Markens to Walt Whitman, 20 March 1889

 loc.03245.001.jpg To, Walt Whitman Esq Camden N.J. Dear Sir:—

Will you oblige the editor of the New York Mail and Express1 with an opinion, no matter how brief, on George Washington;2 to be published in a mammoth memorial edition on April 30th, the Centennial Anniversary of his inauguration as President. (50 words would suffice)

A few other leaders of public thought and opinion in America and Europe have also been asked for their opinion on the same subject.

It will be a great favor, and will make the symposium valuable from an historical point of view.

The MAIL AND EXPRESS, Per Isaac Markens  loc.03245.002.jpg

Isaac Markens (1846–1928) was an American writer, journalist, and newspaper editor, and the author of The Hebrews in America (1888), one of the earliest works tracing American Jewish history.


  • 1. The Mail and Express was the publisher of the Evening Mail, a New York City daily newspaper that traced its origins to the 1836 founding of the New York Daily Express ("Mail & Express Company records 1904–1920," Manuscripts and Archives Division, The New York Public Library). [back]
  • 2. There is no record of Whitman having written the requested piece on Washington. [back]
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