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Asa K. McIlhaney to Walt Whitman, 11 October 1889

 loc.03248.001.jpg Mr. Walt Whitman, Dear Sir—

Last spring I wrote to you informing you that the pupils of the public schools of this place, contemplated planting a tree and naming it in honor of you. But as I did not receive an answer from you, and thinking that my letter miscarried, I concluded to write again, and name the tree of their planting of the next "Arbor Day"—Oct. 18" 1889, in honor of you. I would be pleased to receive a letter from you giving the pupils some encouragement in this grand work of tree-planting—I will read it to them on "Arbor Day" which we celebrate one week from today—Hoping to hear from you—I am—

Very truly yours— A K McIlhaney Principal of Schools—  loc.03248.002.jpg

Asa K. McIlhaney (1867–1946) was a local historian, naturalist, and author from Northhampton county, Pennsylvania. He worked as a teacher at the grammar school in Bath, Pennsylvania, and later as a principal. For more information on McIlhaney, see "Asa K. McIlhaney: The Monocacy School's Most Famous Teacher," The Governor's Gossip: Newsletter of the Governor Wolf Historical Society (November 2016), 6.

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