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William D. O'Connor to Walt Whitman, 10 March 1883

 loc.03276.001_large.jpg Dear Walt:

I just got your postal of the 9th instant.

Jeannie is so ill up at Providence that I must go up there, and expect to leave here on Monday (the 12th). If you don't hear from me again, please  loc.03276.002_large.jpg mail the proofs to me at Providence, care of Dr. Channing.

The address is— Dr. W. F. Channing No 98 Congdon Street, Providence, Rhode Island. Box 393.

I shall probably remain at Providence until the last of the month—maybe longer.  loc.03276.003_large.jpg If anything happens to prevent my leaving on Monday, I will let you know of my detention. I say this because I am worried to day by Kimball not being at the office (he has not been well lately) when I am anxious to be off, and it is necessary, except in case of dire necessity, that one of us should be  loc.03276.004_large.jpg here in charge.

The proofs shall be promptly returned to you. Of course, if by any accident you should have sent them here before you got this, they will be forwarded to me, and the delay would be slight.

Dr. Bucke writes me that you like my Introductory.

Faithfully W. D. O'Connor. Walt Whitman.
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