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"Church" Article.

The Dutch Reformed Church was ecclesiasticaly dependent upon the Presbytery of Amsterdam, Holland, and kept up its connection with its home superiors there, down to the time of the American Revolution

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In 1690 As early as 1695, Independent churches were common on Long Island, acknowledging no Presbytery or Episcopate, but voluntaryily coming together, and supporting what minister suited them.— But tThe Dutch Reformed and the English Episcopal were the main sects— but in on New York island there were churches of French Protestants, and many other orders, including a Jews' Synagogue.— Every faith indeed was represented here.

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There was all the feeling of toleration. When Cornbury, a zealous Episcopal, caused two Presbyterian colporteurs to be brought to trial (1707) for prosecuting their missionary labors without license, the people were indignant, and the jury ^soon acquitted them. For a time ^in some of the English colon there was quite a persecution of the Quakers, but it never ^practically amounted to any thing in Brooklyn, or on Manhattan Island.— The soil and air of These places, at least, remain, from the first beginning, without any of the stain of the blood or the echos of ^the strikes, of ^a single religious punishments.—

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For a long while after the Reformation the Catholic Powers Princes of Europe, and under them many numbers of ^devoted enthusiasts, cheris strove by fair and foul means to extirpate the heresy, and bring back power to the Pope and the old faith.— The ensan sanguinary wars ^and massacres, —the furious feelings and an mental contests,—of these attempts,—were always reflected in the Colonies especially in New England and New York.—

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