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William Payne to Walt Whitman, 19 June 1890

 loc_jm.00241.jpg Circ: sent June 30 Sir

I [illegible] to take the liberty of asking you if you can be so kind as to get me the following information

A clergyman friend of mine has lent me a copy of "Leaves of "Grass" published at Boston

Walt Whitman Esq. Camden New Jersey

 loc.03498.002_large.jpg  loc_jm.00242.jpg

from 30 or so years ago with a portrait of yourself at its beginning

I want to be able to buy one written or any other edition which is wholly unemasculated & I would gladly remit the cost and any Customs Duty if I could be put with the proper channel

I pray you will excuse the great liberty I take & [illegible] subscribe myself your very obedient & admiring servant

William Payne Treasurer of the Burrough of Portsmouth  loc.03498.003_large.jpg

Little is known about William Payne, who was a manager of the National Provinicial Bank of England for Portsmouth.

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