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George I. Storms to Walt Whitman, 29 June 1856

 loc.03675.001_large.jpg Dear Friend

I have just returned from meeting at the Red School House it is very warm and I have picked me out a good cool place to write you and John2 each a letter to inform you folks that I am still in the land of the living

Walter I received your letter dated the 11th3 about the 14th and was very glad to here​ from you

you say you want all the little particulars there is no particulars here it is a rough new backward contery​ the folks are a rough hardworking ignorant set of fellows but goodharted​

I am still driving team and I like it very well we have good roads all the way planked and I drive the best team on the road Tim & Cub they are Extra

I do not know how long I shal stay here I shal stay here till​ I get good and ready to leve​

Walt the 4th July I shal rushit​ some I have the best buggy and Harness there is in Scio with my horses wich will make a very fine turnout

we are all going to Bellfast it is about 20 miles from the gangmills where I work since I have been here we have had one show wich​ was very poor but the folks liked it very much one of the performers put his legs behind his head and walked on his hands an old darkey sayed he'd be d—d​ if he was human it was very poor for me


We have had two games of ball 6 or 7 loging​ frolicks mooved​ 3 barns and on the 25th we had what they called the June Hop a very fine spree but most to​ grand I let myself go some I am one of the big guns out here Walt the folks know very little wich​ is a letup on me

every one is trying to be my friend I should think by the way they act

No more at present but write to me as soon as you get this

G I Storms

Walter do not wate​ for me to write give my respects to all enquiring friends Dressmaker4 in particular and give me his address if you can

George I Storms

P.S. in my next I will let you know how the 4th went

 loc.03675.003_large.jpg George Storms  loc.03675.004_large.jpg

George Storms was a New York driver, and the uncle of Walt Whitman Storms, with whom Whitman corresponded in the 1870s.


  • 1. This letter is addressed to Walter Whitman | Brooklynn L. Island | New York. It is postmarked: Scio | Jun | 30 | NY. [back]
  • 2. As yet we have no information about this person. [back]
  • 3. This letter has not been located. [back]
  • 4. As yet we have no information about this person. [back]
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