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Smith & Starr to Walt Whitman, 12 April 1886

 loc.03699.001_large.jpg Walt Whitman Esq. Dear Sir

Can we make arrangements with you to deliver your Lecture entitled "Personal Recollections of Abraham Lincoln" in Salem some time the latter part this month. Please let us know your best terms.2

Very Truly Smith & Starr  loc.03699.002_large.jpg  loc.03699.003_large.jpg  loc.03699.004_large.jpg

Hiram Sholes (1843–?) served as a private in the 26th Regiment, New York Infantry, and was apparently admitted into a home for disabled volunteer soldiers in 1867.


  • 1. The rest of this letterhead contains the following paragraph: "SALEM, N. J. is one of the stands forming the SOUTH JERSEY CIRCUIT—Salem, Bridgeton and Millville. Wilmington, Del., is just across the river from Salem, and Companies can thus make out a good route via. Wilmington to the South, North or West. Wilmington is but two hours by Steamer from Salem. SALEM, a manufacturing city of 6000 population, is an Excellent Show Town, surrounded by a good country. Salem is 32 miles from Philadelphia, and has 6 trains each way daily. The Salem Opera House will seat 900 people; has new scenery and plenty of it; stage opening 25 feet; piano furnished with house; gas; has 5 double dressing rooms, and all the conveniences to be found in first-class Theatres. ☞ The best Companies played here last season to good business. The Managers will book only two Companies a week. We show our faith in Salem as a Show Town by preferring to share with good attractions. Address SMITH & STARR, Lessees and Managers. [back]
  • 2. No answer by Whitman is extant and the event never took place. [back]
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