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Rudolf Schmidt to Walt Whitman, 3 November 1882

 loc.03748.002_large.jpg Dear W:W.

Received today "the Literary world" I am extremely glad for such papers. Ibsen is indeed a great poet—the rival and deadly foe of Bjørnson. I read with great pleasure in "Specimen days." I shall translate "The death of Abr Lincoln. But at present I have no leisure, I a writing tale after tale. In "Buster og masker" you will find yourself named in the essay on Elster, page 38 and in that on Paul de Saint-Victor page 195–96. Let someone translate these two pages (a comparison) to you. Can you not get "Buster og masker" mentioned in America?

Rudolf Schmidt  loc.03748.001_large.jpg Keep this [illegible] if you want it.
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