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Susan Stafford to Walt Whitman, 23 December 1877


Dear friend we have looked for you down with us so long & you have not come that we have given up all hope of ever seeing you again with us so [damage] the kit of fish [damage] that you have [damage] come safe [damage] more than words can tell [damage] would have written for you last week to spend Christmas with us but I had a very severe attact of the heart & was not able to do so I am better now will you please come this week we shall look  loc_vm.00168_large.jpg for you do not disappoint us we have waited so long

please write what day you will come & we will meet you at the station

ever your friend S. M. Stafford  loc_jc.00489_large.jpg from Mrs Stafford Dec 23 '77—bro't up by Herbert ans'd next day  loc_jc.00490_large.jpg
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