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Marion Harry Spielmann to Walt Whitman, 16 March 1891

 loc_jc.00341_large.jpg Sir/.

Allow me to thank you for the "Conservator"2 and the photograph you have been good enough to send us for a reproduction of your portrait in the paper for the pleasure of our English readers.

Hoping that you are enjoying fair health.

I have the honor to be, Sir,

Faithfully yours M.H. Spielmann Art Editor Walt Whitman Esq. Poet Boston U.S.A.  loc_jc.00342_large.jpg  loc_jc.00339_large.jpg see | notes | Aug 14 | 1891  loc_jc.00340_large.jpg

Marion Harry Alexander Spielmann (1858–1948) was an English editor, art critic, and scholar who edited both The Conoisseur and Magazine of Art (1887–1904). He was a major figure in British debates about developments in modern art. He also founded the weekly periodical Black and White in 1891. Black and White: A Weekly Illustrated Record and Review was a British weekly that published many well-known writers.


  • 1. Because the letter was incorrectly addressed, the envelope has been stamped "Forwarded," the city "Boston" has been crossed out in pencil, and "Camden, N.J." has been written in pencil. This letter is addressed: Walt Whitman Esq. | Poet | Boston | U.S.A. It is postmarked: London | MR.17.91 | E; Boston | Mar 28 91 | 2PM | D; Boston | Mass | Apr 11 91 | 2 45 PM; Camden, N.J. | Apr | 13 | 6 AM | 1891 | Rec'd. [back]
  • 2. Horace Traubel founded The Conservator in March 1890, and he remained its editor and publisher until his death in 1919. Traubel conceived of The Conservator as a liberal periodical influenced by Whitman's poetic and political ethos. A fair portion of its contents were devoted to Whitman appreciation and the conservation of the poet's literary and personal reputation. [back]
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