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Walt Whitman to M. H. Spielmann, 7 February 1888


Yours of Jan: 13 rec'd2—Of course the little "Twenty Years" has not been hitherto publish'd & will not be until after you issue it—No word nor money from y'r American agent or any one has reach'd me up to date—If convenient when the 20 is sent me, remit by P O money order, as that is most convenient to me.3

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Marion Harry Alexander Spielmann (1858–1948) was an English editor, art critic, and scholar who edited both The Conoisseur and Magazine of Art (1887–1904). He was a major figure in British debates about developments in modern art. He also founded the weekly periodical Black and White in 1891. Black and White: A Weekly Illustrated Record and Review was a British weekly that published many well-known writers.


  • 1. This postal card is addressed: M H Spielmann | Magazine of Art | La Belle Sauvage Ludgate Hill | London | E C | England. It is postmarked: Camden, N.J. | Feb (?) | 6 PM | 88. [back]
  • 2. The letter appears to be lost. [back]
  • 3. "Twenty Years" was published in the Pall Mall Gazette in July and in The Magazine of Art in August, with illustrations by Wal Paget that Whitman admired (See Horace Traubel, With Walt Whitman in Camden, Monday, August 13, 1888). [back]
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